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The 12-gauge Remington Model 870 Wingmaster Classic Trap debuted in 2000. With its forend and Monte Carlo stock both made of American walnut, finely engraved blued receiver, deeply checkered grip surfaces, gold plated trigger and highly glossy finish, this is a perfect gun for shooting trap!

The Model 870 Wingmaster Classic Trap is just one of the Remington 870 family of pump-action shotguns introduced decades ago. Remington likes proliferating a good thing and now has almost 30 models of the genre. Production has passed the 11 million mark, making these the world’s all-time most popular pump-action shotguns.

The Model 870 Wingmaster Classic Trap is on the premium end of the 870’s spectrum. Its core is its 30 long light contour barrel that’s topped with a vent rib. The gun has twin action bars and twin bead sights. For the sights, there’s an ivory bead in front and a steel mid-bead. And Wingmaster Classic Trap comes standard with a trio of Rem choke tubes (Singles, Mid Handicap, and Long Handicap) optimized for trap shooting. The fine engraving is beautiful, embellished as it is full of artisan’s scrolls of thick leaves, tendrils and more.

Balancing weight, barrel, overall length that spans 50.5 still makes for an agile and relatively easy to use gun. The pump-action itself is buttery smooth, and the gun’s magazine holds four rounds.

The 870 trigger guard has both an action-bar safety release (in front), a fire safety (at back), and the magazine release is nearby, just in front of the beveled magazine well.

Remington 870 pump-action shotguns are Made in USA.


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