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Benelli M3 ends the debate with the simple flip of a latch on the fore-end that switches the shotgun from semi-auto to pump. If you find yourself in a situation where you need multiple rapid-fire shots, the M3 is up to the task. If you need reliability, just switch it over to a pump. The M3 can perform in more scenarios than any other shotgun on the market because it is equal parts pump and semi-auto.

Benelli M3 Is the Most Versatile Shotgun Platform

Here is a video of a complete field strip of the M3 Super 90.

Benelli’s M3 Super 90 is an updated version of the original M3, first introduced in 1989. In essence, it’s a combat-oriented shotgun with a 3-inch chamber that can be swapped from semi-auto to pump in seconds without tools. Think of it as a top-end semi-auto with an emergency switch.

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Benelli M3

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