BUSHMASTER XM-15 QRC has been synonymous with the AR-15 for decades.Tens of thousands of them, if not more, are in use by law enforcement entities throughout the US, including the Texas Department of Public Safety. Even more have been sold to non-law enforcement civilians throughout our country.

In the past, Bushmaster has always been a decent enough product at a low price point. During the last several years of the race to the bottom of price, for a lot of companies, Bushmaster was the price point to beat..

But a strange little thing has happened. On the competition’s way down — in both price and quality — Bushmaster didn’t lower their price. And they upped the quality. The XM-15 Quick Response Carbines (QRC) is one of the lowest, if not the lowest-priced Bushmasters AR-15 in their line-up. It’s also one of the better budget ARs I’ve shot.

Out of the box it looks a little weird. It shouldn’t. Not too many years ago, a carbine-length handguard and a 16” barrel length would have been what all the cool kids wanted. But in this new day of full-length rails (and they are good days) all that naked pencil-thin barrel looks strange. So does the lack of sights.


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