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Handgun is a short-barrelled firearm that can be held and used with one hand.[1] The two most common handgun sub-types in use today are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, although other handgun-types such as derringers and machine guns also see infrequent usage.

Modern handguns (clockwise from top left) Glock 22 * Glock 21 * Kimber Stainless Raptor II * Dan Wesson Commander Classic Bobtail * Smith & Wesson Model 340 * Ruger Blackhawk * Ruger SP101 * SIG Sauer P220 Combat.


Though the exact definition of a handgun is sometimes disputed, a hand-Gun is a firearm that is easily concealable, can be fired one-handed, and usually has an effective range of no greater than 100 meters. Australian law considers a “handgun” a firearm that:

  • (a) is reasonably capable of being carried or concealed about the person; or
  • (b) is reasonably capable of being raised and fired by one hand; or
  • (c) does not exceed 65 centimetres (26 in) in length measured parallel to the barrel[4]

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