MOSSBERG 930 Tactical



MOSSBERG 930 Tactic, 8 Shots For Sales

MOSSBERG 930 Tactical For Sales. Buy Mossberg 930 Tactical-8 Shots at affordable prices now. Mossberg 930 now available in stock at Arm Shop

Caliber 12/76(3″), Model 930 Tactical 8 Shot SPX Tan Pistol Grip se. Shotgun 7+1 Rounds, barrel length 18.5″/47cm tan, drilled and tapped receiver, Ghost ring rear sight adjustable, front sight fiber optic, Synthetic stock black, recoil pad, Choke Cylinder Bore, total length 38″/96.5cm, CIP Steel Shot Proof Test, Code 85223 Mossberg USA.
Caliber: 12/76
Type of Weapon: Semi-automatic Gun
Waffenhersteller: Mossberg
Model Family: Semiauto
Particular Make: 930 SPX 18,5″


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